I met Chistian Faubel and Georg Dietzler in the mountains in Romanmôntier, Switzerland (CH). We all were part of an international group invited to make part of HackteriaLab 2011. It was a great time and we had longs discussions while walking in the forest. We were asking ourselves how could we engage the local public (from Romanmôntier) to have an audiovisual experience in the forest. I have been working with audio and video and after creating EME>> I always had the question of how could we make facilities for artists as me, Christian and Gerorg to have more possibilities to realize public artworks using technology but at the same time being coherent with the environment. How a mobile-audiovisual-tool for performance could be? How to improve self-sustainable sources of energy?


Christian brought his mobile audiovisual gear to Switzerland and I developed an automat waterpump-system at the HackteriaLab. I created a feedback system with the water (an also some microorganisms) from the waterfall, pumping it back to the river. We were projecting the flux of water with the overhead-projector, playing with drops of water onto some piezzos covered with bee wax and the robots that Christian developed. Great jam!

photo: Øyvind Mellbye


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